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Cities and businesses that reside in them, have never had such a unique and inexpensive option of intercommunication than now. MOBILE CITY is an application that allows the city and the company to communicate with people (citizens, tourists, locals and strangers, with anyone who is interested) to previously unrecognized level. City may postpone to smartphones latest information about its history and presence, and even future, happenings of of various cultural, social, sporting and other events. All kinds of things one would definitely have to know. Decent city behaves to people - both domestic and foreigners - decently. Decency means providing necessary information to citizens when they need it and don´t have it. Cities don´t pay for that, not a single penny, it takes just a little bit of goodwill and a little bit of time to send the information.

Companies also belong to the cities. They do not fall from heaven booming, their position in market is challenged every day and they have to work hard to defend it. Mobile City is a perfect place for that. Restaurant sends information via Mobile City about its lunch menu, its opening hours, and daily specials. Application sorts the restaurants according to the cuisine - Mexican, Thai, Slovak, Chinese, or other. Hotel shows its services, pictures from outside and inside. Everyone has the opportunity to promote their business - all the companies and entrepreneurs who want to prosper and communicate with customers at any time. This applies to everyone looking for clients - services, historic buildings, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, sports, tourism, travel, banks, and insurance, simply everyone. Important part of the application is a GPS navigation that leads people to you - to your store, to your company, to church. Wherever necessary.

You don´t need to improve anything, SURVIVAL IS NOT MANDATORY, said Mr. Fleming. So why just survive when you can thrive. Without useful and fresh information it is not possible. MOBILE CITY is your friend and helper, not only in yours, but in every city. Just keep it in a Smartphone. It´s FREE, today, tomorrow, always. Try it as soon as possible. Use it to boom your business and improve your communication with people.